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a band of visionaries turning dreams into reality

The Story

Our journey from a small Finnish group of school friends with big ideas, to an influential player in the world of eco-friendly micromobility.

The Genesis

Ah, junior high school. Where lifelong friendships are made and endless stories are born. Our friend group, who met at an international school in Vantaa, can attest to that. We’re Finnish through and through, but with a colorful splash of international background to keep things interesting.

We were just graduating high school when COVID-19 hit. We found ourselves with diploma in one hand, time on the other and no clear roadmap. A shared desire to turn this hiatus into something beneficial bound us together. We were, after all, a group of like-minded individuals, fueled by a passion for diligence and strategic thinking. Thus, in the summer of 2021, our company was formed. Initially a group of six, we gradually whittled down to a team of four.

The Birth of Dubs Furniture

We wanted to make a difference, have a laugh doing it, and weren’t afraid to grapple with the grittier side of things. When we came across a YouTube video by Ryan Pineda about “Couch Hustling”, we were sold. Buying, sprucing, and rehoming used couches? It matched our values of making a difference, having fun together and being able to get our hands dirty. Thus, Dubs Furniture was born.

After testing the second-hand couch market operating from our own garages and using whatever space, vehicles and cleaning supplies we had, we succesfully sold our first couches. A couple hundred euros was enough of proof of concept for us to our first warehouse and buy the cheapest van on the market that was drivable. That van became known as Ransit as the T for Ford Transit had fell off of it. We were operating under our company name, Dubs. This part of our tale has later become known as the Dubs Furniture.


Dubs Furniture was our first business venture, a grassroots initiative that repurposed pre-loved couches, giving them a new lease on life. This venture revolved around sourcing used couches, restoring them meticulously, and then matching them with new homes. Dubs Furniture was more than just a furniture business; it was a testament to our belief in sustainability, our commitment to local impact, and a playful start to our entrepreneurial journey. To delve deeper into our adventures with couch hustling, visit our dedicated portfolio page.

Dubs Furniture
Second-Hand couches and brand new carpets
Because Every Couch Deserves a Cozy Carpet
Scaling Up and Branching Out

Our business approach was simple – reinvest the profits. Instead of spending on personal luxuries or non-essential events, we funneled our earnings back into the company. This facilitated the acquisition of more couches, enhanced cleaning supplies, and the construction of proper infrastructure. The goal was to capitalize on the funds generated, ensuring constant growth and development.

We wanted to expand from couches. We dabbled in other furniture items like lamps, tables, and cupboards, but the demand was disappointingly low. So, we revisited the drawing board. Given our customer base of budget-conscious individuals settling into new apartments, we determined carpets, especially new ones, were an excellent pairing with couches. In November 2021, we located a superb supplier offering high-quality yet affordable carpets. These products were so comfortable that most of us still have them in our homes. We initially ordered 100 units and, upon seeing the demand, ordered an additional 330 in various sizes and designs. This expansion was the birth of the now-famous brand, Backas Sisustus.

However, due to the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic on sea shipping and logistics, the carpets never arrived before the launch of our next venture.

Backas Sisustus

Backas Sisustus took shape as a dynamic offshoot focused on selling high-quality carpets. This transition was prompted by a need to diversify our business and reach out to a broader customer base, marking Dubs’ initial foray into the e-commerce and B2B logistics space.

Backas Sisustus
E-Commerce For carpets
Pivoting Our Path
From Couches to Jet Skis and Scooters

After approximately 10 months in the second-hand couch industry, spanning from October 2021 to June 2022, we found ourselves longing for a change. Although the business of couches had its rewards, it also posed challenges in terms of expansion and lacked a certain social appeal.

Desiring to make a more substantial impact and align more closely with our passions, we decided it was time to shift gears. In May 2022, we embarked on a fresh journey, founding Hetijetti, a jet ski rental company, and concurrently forming a strategic partnership with Bird to become Fleet Managers. This marked the beginning of a new era, introducing a dynamic and exciting dimension to our business ventures.


Dubs launched Hetijetti, a jet ski rental company that infused vibrancy into our operations. Drawing on our team’s diverse skills, we developed a website, social media presence, promotional content, and a fully compliant rental operation, all in-house. The venture successfully attracted over 150 social media followers and generated over 10,000€ in revenue. However, due to the seasonal limitations of the Finnish summer, we recognized the limited growth potential and decided to sell Hetijetti in the fall of 2022, shifting our focus to more scalable projects.

Jet Ski Rental Service
Taking Flight with Bird
A Strategic Transition into the Micromobility Sector

Feeling a sense of stagnancy and discontent in our prior business model, we recognized the need for a dynamic shift, a realization that was mirrored in our decision to partner with Bird. The inception of this partnership was spurred by a social media interaction – an Instagram advertisement from Bird, seeking Fleet Managers. Intrigued by the prospect, we reached out and soon found ourselves in a meeting in downtown Helsinki.

This meeting marked the commencement of a novel endeavor as we began managing a fleet of electric scooters. Initially focusing on the Helsinki city center, we gradually expanded our operations to Espoo and, ultimately, established a firm presence in Vantaa for the remainder of the 2022 season and throughout 2023. This progression symbolizes our adaptability and continued commitment to growth and innovation.

From Fleet Managers to Industry Leaders

As a young, passionate team operating in the micromobility industry, we found our true calling. The industry resonated with us, and we loved every moment. With an average age of 21, our unique perspective and rapidly developing skills set us apart. Our commitment and innovation propelled us to become the top performers in the country, surpassing even seasoned industry experts. The reputation we earned wasn’t just about popularity, it also allowed us to form valuable relationships within the Bird Company, leading to the establishment of our Micromobility Consulting branch.

We now share our expertise with other fleet managers, helping them enhance their operations based on our insights. We make a bold claim – that we likely know more about operating electric scooters and managing fleets than any other group in the world. But this assertion isn’t without merit, it’s backed by hard data, a deep understanding of the field, unmatched passion, and the promise of a bright future, given our youth.