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Eco-Friendly Transportation

Green Delivery - Reinventing Courier Services for a Sustainable Future
How We Drive Sustainability Forward with Every Delivery

While we’ve successfully completed an array of transportation gigs, the real success, we believe, lies in the bigger picture: we’re contributing to a cleaner, greener environment with every delivery. You see, our fully electric vans are not just vehicles, but symbols of a promise – a promise of commitment to an eco-friendly future.

We know the transportation industry contributes a significant amount to global emissions, but we chose to be part of the solution, not the problem. By choosing electric, we cut down on carbon emissions drastically, all while ensuring our services stay efficient and reliable. But it’s not just the electric vans that make our service special. It’s the dedicated, professional drivers behind the wheels who take on each task with absolute commitment and professionalism. From small, quick deliveries within the city to larger consignments that require careful handling, our team handles each gig with ease and aplomb, underlining our ethos of sustainability with their hard work.

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Our Focus
We champion eco-consciousness with our fully electric vans, reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a greener future.
Our professional drivers are skilled, reliable, and dedicated to delivering excellence in every gig.
Adaptable & Efficient
From small city deliveries to larger consignments, we handle every task with utmost efficiency and adaptability.
Choosing our courier services means joining a broader, greener vision – a commitment to sustainable practices in every aspect of business.
Case Studies: Shaping the Future

Discover how our adaptable, eco-conscious approach has powered diverse, successful projects. Experience the Dubs difference through these unique case studies.

Powering Micromobility
When it comes to urban mobility, timing is everything. And Dubs has been at the forefront, ensuring seamless scooter services throughout Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. Our electric vans, always ready to roll, have been delivering electric scooters and batteries 7 days a week across the metropolitan area. This commitment to round-the-clock service underlines our adaptability and readiness to meet the evolving demands of urban transportation.
A Second Life for Used Couches
The Dubs Furniture project allowed us to put our adaptability and eco-conscious ethos to the test. Tasked with transporting used couches, we made sure every piece found a new home, while reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Our fully electric vans, coupled with skilled drivers, ensured seamless pick-ups and deliveries. Each couch, after receiving the love it needed, was safely transported and delivered on time, proving that no job is too big or too small for Dubs’ sustainable delivery solutions.
Custom Mat Deliveries
Backas Sisustus was another venture that saw us venture into a unique niche – mat deliveries. We provided custom mat deliveries to homes and businesses alike. No order was too small or too big – our electric vans and professional drivers ensured each mat found its way to the right location, on time, every time. This venture highlighted our ability to diversify our services and adapt to new market needs while maintaining our commitment to green practices.
Sustainability through Transportation

Our Eco-friendly Transportation service is the embodiment of our mission. All our transportation needs, including the movement of electric scooters, are met using electric vans. This means each logistical operation we undertake is done with a focus on minimizing our carbon footprint. In essence, we’re not just transporting scooters, we’re also moving mindsets towards greener alternatives. It’s another way we’re actively shaping a more sustainable world and powering a greener future, one electric charge at a time.

Micromobility Consulting
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