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Fleet Management

At the Intersection of Environmentally Responsible Logistics and Revolutionary Urban Mobility: meet Dubs.
How We Manage Fleets

From the onset of our venture into micromobility, it was clear to us that sustainability wasn’t just a ‘nice-to-have’ – it’s a must. We care deeply about the world we live in, and we recognize the crucial role transportation plays in our global environment. That’s why we’ve committed to providing a greener option with our e-scooters. It’s not just about reducing carbon emissions, it’s about actively contributing to a healthier, more sustainable future for us all.

When it comes to service efficiency, we know how important it is for our users to trust that they can count on us. And we’re not just talking about the reliability of our scooters, but the whole process – from locating an available scooter to reaching your destination. We’re always thinking about how to make things better, smoother, and more efficient. That’s why we’re constantly refining our deployment strategy, ensuring our scooters are where they need to be when they need to be there.

We're KNOWN FOR Exquisite operations
Our Focus
OPERATIONAL Intelligence
With seasoned expertise and a unique operational skillset, we ensure optimal performance and efficiency in managing your e-scooter fleet.
User Experience
User experience is paramount to us. Crafted from our operational intelligence, we offer a seamless, intuitive service that delights every rider.
Customer Satisfaction
High customer satisfaction stems from our excellent user experience, securing loyal customers who consistently choose and trust our services.
We guarantee reliable, uninterrupted services 24/7/365, ensuring both companies and customers can depend on our e-scooter fleet without hesitation.
Collaboration With Bird Co.

Our partnership with has been an enriching journey, filled with invaluable learning experiences and unique opportunities. It’s been a pleasure working with their dedicated team to propel sustainable urban mobility forward.

United in Vision
Together with, we’re driven by a shared vision of a more sustainable future. This collaboration not only amplifies our reach but provides us with valuable insights and resources, strengthening our capabilities and service quality.
Expanding Accessibility
Our alliance with greatly extends our accessibility, enabling us to serve a broader demographic within the Helsinki Metropolitan region. By pooling our resources and sharing our expertise, we strive to make a significant step towards our common goal of reducing carbon emissions.
Boosting Micromobility in Vantaa
We have made significant strides in enhancing the micromobility landscape in Vantaa. Our continuous commitment to fleet management ensures a steady supply of e-scooters and their optimal deployment across key areas. We have opened multiple areas in Vantaa, bringing the convenience of electric scooters to more residents and visitors alike.
Sustainability through Fleet Management

Our Fleet Management services are directly linked to our sustainable mission. By offering comprehensive e-scooter sharing services in collaboration with, we provide a green alternative for urban transport within the Helsinki Metropolitan region. Every ride taken on our electric scooters means one less trip reliant on fossil fuels. Our commitment goes beyond simply offering the service, though. We ensure every scooter in our fleet is in top condition through regular maintenance and repairs, minimizing waste and maximizing lifespan. The strategic placement of our scooters guarantees availability, reducing the need for personal vehicles and contributing to the decrease of carbon emissions. With our fleet management service, we’re making our vision for a cleaner, healthier planet a reality.

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Snapshot Moments from Our Fleet Management Journey

Experience the essence of our Fleet Management service through these captivating images and stories. Each photo showcases a different aspect of our work, from dedicated team members to our well-maintained scooters..

During the summer of 2022, our first season being a fleet manager, two of us team members were in the field changing batteries and relocating scooters to better locations. While in Dixi we started to hear some noise in the distance, “I love Bird, Bird is the best!”. We turned around and there standing was a young schoolboy showing his love for the Bird brand and his hatred for the competitors. It seemed we had run into our number one fan! Anyways for the rest of the season this young boy was seen almost everyday, pronouncing his love for bird and giving us tips on the troublemakers around town vandalizing our scooters. After meeting him a few times he would follow us with his own little scooter expressing his desire to help out. We gave him some batteries and he changed them all by himself making him Dubs’s first ever employee!
Not only are electric scooters good for efficient commuting or fun summer rides but also matchmaking. After a customer takes a ride they have the option to leave reviews on how bad or fun their ride was. One day we came across our favorite review and it felt like it was written by cupid himself. A young man was apparently on his first date with his crush which started off a bit “awkward” in his own words. They had come across one of our scooters and decided to take a joyride together along the sea with beautiful scenery. Anyways, to keep a long story short the scooter ride was the highlight of their date and they’ve already planned another. A heartwarming story and one of the reasons we are proud to be part of an industry that helps our community thrive.
In the realm of the business world things rarely always go as planned and setbacks are bound to happen. When we launched for our second season as fleet managers for Bird mobility we had planned to get 325 of our 511 scooters out onto the streets on the first day. 15 hours of 4 guys hustling, we had finally reached our target and had a successful first day of launch. However, the universe had other plans and decided to test us. As we woke up for day 2 we noticed an alarming amount of customer reviews complaining about vehicles not starting. After a bit of investigating it was confirmed that 160 scooters were deemed dysfunctional and had to be taken off of the streets and no one knew why. This mystery puzzled us and Bird, as the scooters worked for operators but not customers. Not only was the labour of launching and taking scooters back off the streets extremely tiring but the loss of revenue was also quite stressful. However, the Dubs team were relentless in finding the solution. Within a few days Dubs had a hypothesis that maybe Bird had done an update during the offseason and our scooters did not receive them. This turned out to be the case and the scooters were back on the streets providing customers rides and generating revenue after receiving the new update. This is a great example of not letting setbacks defeat you and to keep fighting to find the solution.