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Micromobility Consulting

Empowering Micromobility: Leveraging Deep Expertise and Unique Insights into Managing Shared Electric Scooter Fleets
How We Developed Deep Expertise in Fleet Managing

It all started with a fleet of electric scooters. Day by day, repair by repair, we built a unique understanding of the intricate mechanics and digital systems of the ES400D model scooters. We delved into every detail, every hiccup, and every nuance of these vehicles. This was our training ground. This was where we cultivated our technical prowess.

Through managing our own fleet and partnering with, we had the perfect canvas to hone our skills. It was hands-on, it was challenging, and it was invigorating. We were navigating uncharted territory, troubleshooting complex issues, and making an impact, one scooter at a time. It’s from these real-world experiences that our expertise was not just proven, but also constantly evolving.

We're known For our technical and operational skills
How We Can Improve Your Fleet
We can quickly identify common issues and their solutions. This minimizes downtime and optimizes your fleet’s availability,
Cost Effectiveness
We can help reduce your operational costs. Our insights can prevent expensive repairs or replacements and extend the life span of your fleet.
Customer Satisfaction
We will ensure that each vehicle in your fleet is in top condition in order to enhance customer loyalty and improve your brand reputation.
We can provide guidance on how to operate your fleet in the most eco-friendly manner possible. We can help your company to uphold the commitment to green mobility.
The Consulting Process

Our partnership with has been an enriching journey, filled with invaluable learning experiences and unique opportunities. It’s been a pleasure working with their dedicated team to propel sustainable urban mobility forward.

Comprehensive Consultation & Evaluation
We begin with a thorough consultation to understand the unique challenges of your operations. Then, we perform an in-depth diagnostic evaluation of your fleet to identify recurring issues and their root causes. This two-fold approach provides a clear picture of your current operations and the potential areas for improvement.
Hands-On Implementation & Training

We design a tailored strategy to enhance your fleet’s efficiency and dive right in to implement these solutions alongside your team. From practical maintenance routines to improved deployment strategies, we embed ourselves in your operations for hands-on problem-solving. This stage also includes in-depth training and the provision of tailored written materials, ensuring your team is fully equipped to maintain these improvements.

Ongoing Support & Evaluation
Our service doesn’t end after the initial implementation. We provide continuous support, periodic evaluations, and strategy adjustments to ensure that our solutions are delivering the desired results. We aim to forge a long-term partnership, ready to adapt to your evolving needs in the fast-paced micromobility landscape.
Sustainability through Consulting

Our work in Micromobility Consulting ties perfectly into our sustainable mission. Our close collaboration with Bird and their micromobility vehicles has enabled us to gain significant expertise in electric scooter technology. We leverage this knowledge to offer consultative services to other operators, leading to better functioning, longer lasting e-vehicles. This work contributes directly to the reduction of waste and the extension of product lifespan. In one project, for instance, we successfully addressed a widespread issue causing significant downtime in electric scooters, thereby improving their efficiency and sustainability.

Fleet Management
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Driving Sustainability
Eco-Friendly Transportation
Learn How Our Driving is Sustainable
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Success Stories Made Along The Way

Discover the compelling tales of how our proficiency turned around fleets, uplifted fleet managers, and rejuvenated electric scooters. See firsthand how our efforts spurred growth in both revenue and ride numbers for all parties involved.