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Hetijetti Jet Ski Rental Service
The Unconventional Adventure of Dubs
How We Started The Business

We started Hetijetti, our jet ski rental company, as a way to shake things up a bit. You see, dealing with second-hand couches wasn’t exactly giving us the adrenaline rush we were craving. So, we decided to step into something a little more…wave-like. We embraced the challenge of creating Hetijetti, to bring a spark of excitement to our everyday operations.

But Why?

Why not? Life’s too short for dull moments. We had the skills, the passion, and the enthusiasm to create something out of the ordinary. We wanted a business that reflected our youthful energy and adventurous spirit—so, we created it.

Our Focus
Expertly Managed
Our diverse skill set allowed us to manage everything in-house, from developing a website to marketing campaigns.
Social Media Savvy
We successfully ran social media campaigns, reaching thousands of users across various platforms.
Revenue Generation
Despite its seasonal nature, Hetijetti managed to generate impressive revenues, evidencing the strong business model.
Strong Branding
By the end of the summer, Hetijetti was recognized as a reliable and interactive brand, gaining hundreds of followers on social media.
The Takeaways From Our Jet Ski Adventure

Each wave we rode on this journey gave us invaluable lessons. Here are a few ripples we still carry with us:

In-House Marketing Wonders
At Hetijetti, we leveraged our in-house photographic, editing, and marketing skills to create stunning promotional content. We filmed drone footage of our jet skis in action, captured high-quality images, and even created catchy TikToks. Our marketing wasn’t about ticking boxes—it was about pushing boundaries, setting new trends, and engaging our audience like never before. In the end, our in-house marketing efforts not only enhanced our brand presence but also set a new standard for the industry in Finland.
The Power of Branding
From the outset, we knew that to make Hetijetti stand out in the crowd, we needed a strong brand identity. We invested significant effort in creating a brand persona that reflected our adventurous spirit and resonated with our target audience. We didn’t just want to be another jet ski rental service—we wanted to be a brand that people recognized and associated with fun, reliability, and interactive customer service. The success of Hetijetti taught us the importance of branding in customer engagement and business growth.
Seasonal Business Insight
Hetijetti, being a seasonal business, came with its unique set of challenges. The Finnish summer is short, but we learned to make the most out of it. We maximized our efforts during the peak season, focusing on providing excellent service, creating unforgettable experiences for our customers, and capitalizing on each sunny day. Running a seasonal business taught us valuable lessons about time management, strategic planning, and adaptability. We learned that even in a short span, with the right strategies and execution, it’s possible to create memorable experiences and drive impressive revenues.
We’ve got the experience, passion, and hustle to make it happen
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Stories from the Trenches
Great Memories Made Along The Way

Riding the waves of entrepreneurship with jet skis was quite a ride! Dive in with us as we share some of our unforgettable Hetijetti moments captured in these images.