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Dubs Second-Hand Furniture
From YouTube Inspiration to Couch Empire
How We Started The Business

Ah, the beauty of second-hand couches! Funny as it sounds, it all started with a YouTube video. A video that showed the potential of buying, refurbishing, and selling second-hand couches sparked a business idea in our youthful minds. It was the perfect project for us – it was budget-friendly, needed a bit of hard work and hustle, and most importantly, it was a sustainable idea that was all about green values.

But Why?

We were young, had an appetite for learning, and had time in our hands during the COVID-19 pandemic. More than anything, we saw potential in the overlooked and unappreciated. We realized that all these old couches needed was a bit of TLC (Tender Loving Care), and they could be the perfect addition to someone’s living room. And let’s be honest, it was thrilling to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty (literally!).

The Couch Chronicles
What Made It Unique
Every Couch Had A Story
We didn’t just sell couches, we sold stories. Every couch had its own unique history, and we made sure its story was heard. Each one of us could recite the story of each couch just by seeing the photo again.
Sustainable & Affordable
We were in the business of giving couches a second chance. Not only was it an eco-friendly option, but it also made comfy couches affordable for everyone.
Hustle & Heart
We put our heart and soul into this venture – from searching for the right couch, refurbishing it, to delivering it to its new home. Our hustle was our strength.
Learning By Doing
We were novices when we started, but we were eager learners. Every day was a new challenge and a new learning opportunity.
From Couches to Life Lessons

Who knew couches could be such great teachers? The lessons we learnt from selling second-hand couches are not just about business but also about life.

The Power of Hustle
Working with second-hand couches required a relentless drive. Each couch presented its own set of challenges – hunting for them online, negotiating a good price, refurbishing them, and then finding them a new home. This hustle, day in and day out, was a test of our grit and determination. It was hard work, but it was also incredibly satisfying. We often found ourselves out of our comfort zone, dealing with unexpected situations, but it’s these moments that truly tested us and made us stronger.
Seeing Potential
When most people looked at used couches, they saw worn-out, unwanted furniture. We saw potential. We saw an opportunity to transform something old into something new and desirable. This venture taught us to look at things from a different perspective, to see beyond the surface. It’s a lesson that’s been integral to our approach in all our business ventures since. To be successful, you have to see what others don’t, find value where others see none, and create opportunities where others see obstacles.
Serving With Heart
Selling second-hand couches was not a simple transaction for us; it was a service we provided with heart. Every interaction with a customer, every delivery, was an opportunity to make someone’s day a little better. We realized that our work had a direct impact on people’s lives – we were not just providing them with a piece of furniture; we were adding comfort and warmth to their homes. This realization deeply resonated with us and underlined the importance of genuine service in business. It’s not just about making a sale; it’s about making a difference.
Hustle Mentality
Let's Chat Over a Cup of Coffee or, Even Better, a Comfy Couch!
Couch Chronicles
Unforgettable Tales Along The Way

From sketchy pickup locations to last-minute deals, each couch we sold came with its own unique story. Here are a few gems from our Dubs Furniture journey that are too good not to share!

Delivering over 200 couches without a scratch on the van or the products is practically impossible. One particular delivery in eastern Helsinki made us learn this the hard way. We had just emerged from a highway, acing a swift and tight 270-degree turn, our spirits high from a successful pick-up. That’s when a loud crash from the back of the van sliced through our jovial chatter. Instinctively, we knew the newly loaded couch was the perpetrator of this chaos. Pulling into the closest bus stop, we assessed the scene – a spectacle that left us staring in disbelief, our shock rapidly morphing into a blend of incredulity and laughter. We were not afraid to get our hands dirty: we retreated to our warehouse, ordered a window, and upon its arrival, we rolled up our sleeves and fixed the damage ourselves. After all, in this challenging delivery game, we learned to find humor in the hurdles and solutions in the setbacks.
During our couch-hustling days, we occasionally stumbled upon the infamous sofa-bed from Ikea. Over time, it got to a point where no amount of money justified the sheer strain of transporting this couch. It was a real possibility that you could be carrying such a mammoth up to the eighth floor, sans elevator.

Our first encounter with this couch was at a plush apartment located in the heart of Helsinki. When you’re off to pick a piece from a posh neighborhood, you anticipate top-notch quality. While the sofa-bed itself was reasonably fine, its affiliation with Ikea was an indicator of its mammoth-like weight. We approached the couch with innocent confidence, expecting just another day at the office. But as we grabbed a hold of the couch, we soon found ourselves struggling. Two young fit lads barely managing to get it up – and yes, that’s what we said, not she.

The entire pickup operation quickly descended into a farce. ‘Shambles’, a term we started using during our couch ventures, perfectly described a situation gone so haywire, it couldn’t possibly get worse. We failed to lift the couch out of the door, resorting instead to shoving it, much to the detriment of the pristine corridor. It all made sense why the kind lady was so eager to part with it – who could possibly move this behemoth to a new apartment after our ridiculous 15-minute ordeal just to get it out of the house?

After managing to move it a mere 10 meters from the house, our struggles out of public view, we were still faced with the task of hoisting it into the van. With an elevator too small for the couch and a spiraling staircase (typical of central Helsinki apartments), our next 20 minutes morphed into the most grueling workout of our lives. A mix of sweat, screams, and helpless laughter peppered the scene, painting a picture of tragicomic desperation. Carrying that couch down the stairs, you couldn’t help but question your life decisions. At some point, we may have let the behemoth slide down the stairs – it was that heavy. But let’s stop the story there. We have a professional furniture company reputation to uphold, after all, don’t we?
Though we were newcomers to the couch-hustling scene, it was hardly a niche industry. Established companies, with their large workforces, massive warehouses, and physical storefronts, dwarfed us – a compact team with one van and a relatively small-sized warehouse. To survive, we knew we had to outsmart the competition, leverage what we had that they didn’t: programming skills.

From day one, we channeled our tech-savvy nature to build our competitive edge: “Botterna.” This bot, fully programmed by the programming minds inside Dubs, scouted the marketplace on every ten seconds, with whatever desired filters. Each time a fresh listing popped up, Botterna sprang into action, pushing a notification to all our phones with a product image and a direct link to message the seller. Thanks to Botterna, we outpaced the competition, snatching the cream of the couch crop around the clock.

The speed of our responses left sellers in awe. Prime couches would attract a flurry of messages within minutes of being listed – a testament to the competition. It was the tireless operation of Botterna that was instrumental in the success of our venture. Impressively, the bot never crashed, and it remains fully functional today, two years after its inception. Dubs, rightfully, holds Botterna’s code as a prized asset. After all, it was this intrepid little script that catalyzed our revenue stream, one couch at a time. Botterna is a part of the Dubs hall of fame.
Oct 2021
Securing Our First Van & Warehouse
Taking the first steps on our journey, we acquired our initial van and warehouse, creating the needed infrastructure for the business.
Oct 2021
The First Couch Sold
07.10.2021 - The first couch sale marked the start of our adventurous journey in the furniture business, paving the way for many more to follow.
Jan 2022
100 Couches Sold
Our dedication bore fruit 18.01.2021 as we celebrated the sale of our 100th couch - a key milestone on our journey.
Jan 2022
One Sold Couch Every Day
Our first major milestone was selling a couch every day in December 2021 - a testament to our growing popularity and relentless efforts.
May 2023
200 Couches Sold
Our progress continued unabated, with 200 couches sold by 10.5.2022, showing that our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction paid off.
June 2022
Farewell to the Last Sold Couch
With mixed feelings of accomplishment and nostalgia, we sold our last couch the 20th of June 2023, marking the end of an incredible era for Dubs.