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Backas Sisustus Carpets
The Unconventional Adventure of Dubs
How We Started The Business

Starting a business is always a unique journey, and for us at Dubs, Backas Sisustus was no different. Our humble beginnings were rooted in the second-hand furniture business, and from there, we decided to branch out. Our aspiration to expand and diversify led us to order and start selling brand new carpets – an idea which sparked the creation of Backas Sisustus.

But Why?

Our entrepreneurial spirits have always led us to explore new avenues and to take up new challenges. The creation of Backas Sisustus was a chance to learn, to grow, and to extend our services, turning a transition period into a valuable opportunity.

Our Focus
Innovative Approach
We at Backas Sisustus believe in trying new things, which is why we went beyond the second-hand market and ventured into selling brand new carpets.
Excellent Craftsmanship
Our carpets are meticulously crafted to ensure high quality. Our products are not just carpets; they’re a work of art.
Sustainable Growth
We’ve grown from selling second-hand furniture to launching a successful carpet business, all while staying true to our ethos of sustainability.
Backas Sisustus has always been focused on its customers. We’re committed to providing excellent service and delivering high-quality products to our customers.
Rolling Out the Carpet of Learning

Our journey with Backas Sisustus was a rewarding one, full of learnings that have contributed significantly to our growth as a company.

Mastering E-commerce
With Backas Sisustus, we dived headfirst into the world of e-commerce. Learning the ropes of managing an online business, setting up a user-friendly website, engaging customers online, implementing SEO strategies, monitoring web analytics, and optimizing digital marketing campaigns – all these aspects gave us a comprehensive understanding of the e-commerce landscape. This experience also underscored the importance of staying updated with the latest e-commerce trends and technologies.
The B2B & B2C Experience
Transitioning from a B2C model with Dubs to the B2B market with Backas Sisustus was an enlightening shift. Working with other businesses, especially delivery companies, we understood the nuances of B2B transactions, contract negotiations, and the significance of building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. We also learnt the critical role of effective communication, reliable services, and timely deliveries in ensuring customer satisfaction at a larger scale.
Adapting With Agility
The shift from Dubs to Backas Sisustus was not just a change of business, but also a transformation of our thought process. We learnt that in business, flexibility and adaptability are key to survival and growth. Transitioning from selling second-hand furniture to brand new carpets, and then setting up a new company was a challenging journey, but it taught us to embrace change, adapt to new circumstances, and find opportunities in difficult situations. We also realized the importance of agility in decision-making and the need to continuously innovate to stay ahead in the business.
A Touch of Elegance
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Stories from the Trenches
Great Memories Made Along The Way

Carpet tales and eCommerce escapades – our Backas Sisustus adventure was nothing short of memorable! Here are a few anecdotes that still bring a smile to our faces.

In February, we were thrilled to order a fresh batch of carpets for our company, unaware of the challenges ahead. The Evergreen ship’s mishap in the Suez Canal caused a massive transportation jam, making us wait an agonizing 8 months for our shipment. To add to the struggle, China’s COVID-19 border closures further delayed all shipments. We didn’t give up, though. We explored other options and kept our customers informed. Finally, the carpets arrived in October, reminding us of the importance of resilience and patience during tough times. This experience highlighted the delicate balance of global trade, but it also showed us the strength of human adaptability. We’re now better prepared for whatever the future brings.

After a successful sellout of our first batch of carpets, we were eager to place an order for the second. Excitement turned to anxiety when the pandemic hit, shutting down Guangzhou, our supplier’s district. 2-3 months turned into half a year as we patiently waited for restrictions to lift. When the green light finally flashed and the restrictions lifted, a new problem emerged. European ports faced an overwhelming influx of ships from China, causing a logistical gridlock. Our carpets were stuck in transit, leaving us with a hefty investment bringing no cash flow. They finally arrived over 6 months after the initial order. We learned the value of staying resilient even in situations beyond our control. While we couldn’t alter the external circumstances, we maintained our commitment to transparency and customer communication. Our experience reinforced the significance of preparedness and building contingencies for future challenges.
Getting your first sale whether it is selling cars or toilet paper is always special as it signifies the start of a journey. When we sold our first carpet it was to none other than one of our moms! Moms are always their childrens biggest supporters and they have done nothing but support us on our entrepreneurial journeys. Many people don’t have much belief in your dreams but a mothers support outweighs all the doubt and allows us to push forward. At Dubs we like to support our local community including our friends and family so of course she received a hefty discount!
In the midst of winter’s embrace, we embarked on a memorable photoshoot adventure. Renting a charming Airbnb, our team united their photography prowess and creative genius for a day of aesthetics. Fueled by laughter and camaraderie, we brought in our unique furniture and handpicked props to craft captivating sets. Thanks to the previous experience and hard work done by the team the photos turned out better than imagined. Undertaking projects such as these stimulates the dubs team and allows us to stay honed in our skills that will come in handy for future ventures.
Nov 2021
First 100 Carpets Ordered
Jan 2021
The First Batch Arrives In Finland
Feb 2022
The First E-Commerce Stores Opens Up
Feb 2022
Second Batch of 330 Carpets Ordered
Feb 2022
Second Batch of 330 Carpets Ordered
Mar 2022
First Batch Sells out
Aug 2022
The Second Batch Arrives
Jan 2023
The Carpets Are Rebranded As Backas Sisustus