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a band of visionaries turning dreams into reality

The Story

Our journey from a small Finnish group of school friends with big ideas, to an influential player in the world of eco-friendly micromobility.

From Schoolmates to Businessmates
The Genesis

Ah, junior high school. Where lifelong friendships are made and endless stories are born. Our friend group, who met at an international school in Vantaa, can attest to that. We’re Finnish through and through, but with a colorful splash of international background to keep things interesting.

We were just graduating high school when COVID-19 hit. We found ourselves with diploma in one hand, time on the other and no clear roadmap. A shared desire to turn this hiatus into something beneficial bound us together. We were, after all, a group of like-minded individuals, fueled by a passion for diligence and strategic thinking. Thus, in the summer of 2021, our company was formed. Initially a group of six, we gradually whittled down to a team of four.

Couch Husling
The Birth of Dubs Furniture

We wanted to make a difference, have a laugh doing it, and weren’t afraid to grapple with the grittier side of things. When we came across a YouTube video by Ryan Pineda about “Couch Hustling”, we were sold. Buying, sprucing, and rehoming used couches? It matched our values of making a difference, having fun together and being able to get our hands dirty. Thus, Dubs Furniture was born.


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December 26, 2019


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