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Driving Sustainability: We're Moving Towards a Greener Tomorrow


Combining our commitment to innovation with a strong resolve to make a difference, we’re on a mission to revolutionize transport through eco-friendly solutions. Discover how we’re turning our vision for a cleaner, healthier planet into reality.

Charging Ahead, Sustainably
Our Eco-Friendly Mission

We’re not just about moving people and products – we’re about moving mindsets.

At Dubs, we believe in a greener tomorrow, and we’re playing our part in making it happen. Our mission revolves around shaping a more sustainable world through our eco-friendly micromobility and mobility solutions. We’re powering a greener future, one electric charge at a time. And it’s not just about what we do, but how we do it – with care, commitment, and a strong desire to keep our planet happy and healthy.

Aug 2022
Electrifying The Fleet of Vans
We've fully embraced electric vehicles in our fleet, reducing emissions and embracing the future of transport.
Apr 2023
Doubling The Fleet of Electric Vans
We doubled down on electric vehicles, further proving our commitment to utilizing electric vans in our operations.
June 2022
Electric Micromobility Partnership With Bird
We consciously chose to work with Bird who share our green values and enable us to provide sustainable micromobility solutions in Finland.
Apr 2023
New Office: Green Office Mandates
Our offices minimize waste, reduce energy use, and encourage sustainable practices via proper waste management and material choices.
Sustainable Solutions Through Our Services

Our commitment to sustainability is not a peripheral interest but the core of our operations. When we talk about Fleet Management, Micromobility Consulting, or Eco-Friendly Transportation, we’re not just speaking about services – we’re talking about revolutionary strategies that prioritize our planet. We’ve reimagined the business landscape, integrating commerce and ecological responsibility seamlessly. This is more than just work for us – it’s our passion and our mission. Keen to understand more about our eco-conscious offerings? We invite you to explore our services in greater detail. We’re confident you’ll find it as exciting as we do!

Fleet Management
Managing Fleets With Efficient Operations and Top Performance
Micromobility Consulting
Turning around fleets, uplifting fleet managers, and rejuvenating electric scooters
Eco-Friendly Transportation
Transporting with a fully electric fleet of vans
Walking the Green Talk
We're Working For a Greener Tomorrow. Let's Shape It, Together
Frequently asked questions
Your Questions,
Our Eco-Conscious Answers

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Well, you’d be amazed by the lengths we go to ensure we’re as green as a shamrock! Firstly, our entire business model revolves around providing eco-friendly micromobility solutions. We not only facilitate electric scooter rentals but also oversee their eco-conscious fleet management.

We’ve developed robust logistics and repair systems that prioritize waste reduction and extend the life cycle of each scooter. Our meticulous maintenance and refurbishing procedures minimize our need to source new products, helping us reduce waste. Additionally, we are committed to utilizing renewable energy sources wherever possible, further reducing our carbon footprint. So, you see, sustainability isn’t an afterthought for us – it’s our way of life at Dubs!
At Dubs, we’re in the business of shrinking carbon footprints, and we’re not just talking about our own! We offer eco-friendly transportation solutions, namely our electric scooters, that produce zero direct CO2 emissions. They’re perfect alternatives to cars and taxis for short city journeys, helping reduce the number of high-emission vehicles on the road.

Our efficient fleet management also plays a huge role. By extending the lifecycle of each scooter and strategically managing their deployment, we ensure their usage far outweighs their production emissions. Plus, our lean logistics practices further reduce CO2 emissions by optimizing delivery routes and minimizing unnecessary transportation. In short, we’re in a relentless fight against CO2 emissions – and we’re proud to say we’re making a difference!
Ah, we love it when people want to join us in making the world a better place! A simple and effective way to support our mission is to choose our electric scooters for your short commutes in Vantaa. Each ride you take is a vote for cleaner air and reduced CO2 emissions!

We always welcome like-minded individuals to our team. You can check for open positions on our website and apply. Being a part of Dubs means getting hands-on in contributing to a greener planet, whether you’re managing fleets, maintaining scooters, or spreading the word about our mission. Together, we can make sustainable urban mobility the norm rather than the exception!