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Navigating the Lifecycle of Shared E-Scooters: Insights from Dubs Fleet Management
Navigating the Lifecycle of Shared E-Scooters: Insights from Dubs Fleet Management

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop, the second season of e-scooter sharing at Dubs draws to a close. With nearly two years under our belts, the signs of wear and tear on our fleet are as evident as the changing leaves. This observation begs the question: what is the average lifespan of an e-scooter in a shared fleet?


Understanding the true lifespan

The groundbreaking study by Brightside Research, titled “How Long Do E-Scooters Last?” offers a wealth of knowledge on the factors that determine the lifespan of these modern-day vehicles. Dubs has skillfully leveraged these findings to elevate the sustainability and operational efficiency of its e-scooter fleet.

The Brightside study offers revealing insights into the lifecycle of Voi scooters, charting a path from the 8-month lifespan of their inaugural models to the impressive 60-month forecast for their latest iteration. This significant increase is the product of targeted strategies aimed at fortifying the vehicles against the rigors of shared use. Modular parts and swappable batteries have been game-changers, doubling the lifespan between the V2 and V3 models alone, attributed largely to a drastic reduction in wear and tear.

By 2019, the study highlights that Voi’s e-scooters were experiencing a monthly loss of up to 3% due to theft and vandalism. Fast forward to 2021, and this figure plummeted to 0.5% monthly, showcasing the effectiveness of the strategies adopted—strategies that Dubs has mirrored to safeguard our own fleet.

Throughout the last 2 years Dubs has experienced large amounts of vandalism in its operating areas, leading to a lot of damage beyond wear and tear. With our new age swappable scooters almost every part is designed to be replaced. This means incidents where the scooters are heavily damaged is not “life threatening” and repairing them is standard. In the shared e-scooter space, averaging a vehicle life span of almost five years can only be achieved through properly and regularly maintaining the fleet.

Dubs’s commitment to longevity

As Dubs moves into our third season, we take these industry learnings to heart. We understand that the average life expectancy of an e-scooter in a shared fleet is influenced by factors such as vehicle build quality, the intensity of use, and the effectiveness of the maintenance program. Regular and proactive maintenance ensures that the e-scooter operates within its intended parameters, which reduces wear and tear, prevents major failures, and maintains optimal performance over time.

Dubs has realized the importance of a long lifespan for profitability and as such has implemented systems and methods to ensure a long lifespan for our scooters. The sustained health of our fleet through two seasons is not an end—it’s a beginning. As we continue to incorporate innovative strategies and leverage data-driven insights, the lifespans of our e-scooters are poised to expand even further.

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