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At the Intersection of Environmentally Responsible Logistics and Revolutionary Urban Mobility: meet Dubs.
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oday, Wednesday, November 22nd, marks the deadline the City of Helsinki has given to operators working in the city to collect all scooters from the streets, according to our insider sources at Bird Co. Dubs plays a crucial role in the hibernation plans of Bird Co., having partnered with them on a micromobility consulting project to store around 3000 EKS. The exact number will be clarified as the hibernation progresses and all scooters are retrieved from the streets.

Since the launch of electric scooters in major cities, a new era of urban mobility has emerged, offering convenience, efficiency, and sustainability. However, as these nimble two-wheeled wonders have taken to the streets, so too have safety concerns. This growing transportation trend has stirred discussions and debates among users, companies operating these vehicles, and governmental legislators alike. While electric scooters promise a revolution in urban transportation, ensuring the safety of riders and pedestrians has become an equally pressing challenge. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the multifaceted world of electric scooter safety, exploring the key issues and solutions at the intersection of innovation, regulation, and personal responsibility.

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop, the second season of e-scooter sharing at Dubs draws to a close. With nearly two years under our belts, the signs of wear and tear on our fleet are as evident as the changing leaves. This observation begs the question: what is the average lifespan of an e-scooter in a shared fleet?

Fleet Management Services
In the context of micromobility, we manage fleets of electric scooters, ensuring they are well-maintained, correctly distributed, and always ready for riders.
Micromobility Consulting
Our micromobility consulting service leverages our extensive knowledge and experience in the micromobility sector to help businesses improve their operations.
Eco-Friendly Transportation
Our eco-friendly transportation service is committed to reducing carbon emissions by providing sustainable transportation solutions with an electric fleet of vans.
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What Sets Us Apart

It’s not just our youth, energy and passionate spirit that sets us apart in the micromobility industry. At Dubs, we combine hustle with performance, creativity with reliability, creating an ecosystem where business thrives, and the environment flourishes. Discover the unique blend of Dubs — where youthful dynamism meets mature wisdom.

Determined & Passionate
Our “hustle” spirit is evident in everything we do. We are driven by a passionate determination to transform, excel, and innovate in every project we undertake.


We are not just about promises, we are about results. Our streamlined processes, analytical approach, and relentless pursuit of optimal productivity ensure time-saving solutions that truly deliver.


As visionary strategists, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve. Our creative and savvy mindset enables us to devise clever, inventive solutions that anticipate and adapt to future trends.

Consistent & Dependable

Trust and reliability are at the heart of our operations. With a proven track record, we offer consistency in our services and a dependability that our clients can always count on.
Contribute to Our Eco-Conscious Mission for a Greener Tomorrow
Crafting Brands, Shaping Success

With a blend of innovation, strategic marketing, and tailored software solutions, we’ve carved out a portfolio of successful brands across various industries. Dive into our diverse range of projects and discover how we’ve shaped their journey from concept to a success story.
Jet Ski Rental Service
Backas Sisustus
Mat E-Commerce & B2C
Dubs Furniture

Second-hand furniture


We have a strong background in marketing, branding, and software development. Our team has received university education and training in these fields, allowing us to build successful brands and offer innovative solutions to our clients.

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Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones

At Dubs, every day comes with a new challenge that requires creativity and thinking outside-of-the-box. I remember the first day we launched with Bird. Though we were unsure of what exactly to do, our confidence in figuring it out carried us through. Together sharing the ‘hustlers’ mindset, we form an unstoppable powerhouse that manages turn double L’s into W’s.

Mikael Wallis
Mikael Wallis

Dubs Oy is much more than a workplace; it’s my second home. Here, I spend the majority of my time crafting innovative solutions that shape our unique journey. With my closest friends by my side, work doesn’t feel like a regular job. Every day is a collaborative adventure, focused on growing together. Dubs has boosted my communication skills and critical thinking, while also fueling my creativity and drive. I’m truly thrilled to play a part in this amazing journey.

Christopher Nelson

Being a part of the Dubs team has been a transformative experience not only in my career but as a person in general. The dynamic between us is perfectly balanced as we are all quite opposite individuals yet we share the same desires and goals. We’ve all pushed and motivated each other to limits we would have never achieved alone. Whether it’s fitting 4 couches into one van or completing a 30 page business plan in under 24h, through perseverance and ability the Dubs team will get it done. We don’t take L’s, only W’s.

Tatu Rouhiainen
Tatu Rouhiainen

Every day I am presented with unique opportunities to grow as a friend, colleague and an entrepreneur – opportunities that I never would have received if I wasn’t a part of Dubs. This path has allowed me to chart my own course, leverage my own skills to contribute towards a greater cause, and find an industry I’m incredibly passionate about: one that’s on the forefront of transforming how we move within our cities.

The Story of W's
We’re dedicated to providing logistics and business services that you can rely on, while also caring for the environment. We understand the importance of sustainable practices across all industries, and we’re committed to minimizing our impact on the planet.